The New Old Stock

the new old stock

In 2016, a couple of college students reached out to me through social media after discovering my art page. They were creating another issue of a college run magazine called “The New Old Stock” and asked me to help illustrate!


The New Old Stock is a literary magazine with values. By this we don’t mean those of scripture, ideology, or upbringing (though we’re sure your parents really are nice people). Rather, we hold certain things to be important and even necessary. Call us old-fashioned, but there’s something eternal about Kerouac’s spontaneity and the bravado of Whitman. For us, the practical advice of the Roman Stoics was just as relevant to an ancient audience as it is to a modern one. To us, Dickinson’s dashes are as astonishing today as they were in the 1800’s.

We at The New Old Stock don’t worship the past, but we do respect it. This respect is founded on our belief that classic works from bygone eras are timeless not by accident, but because the truth and beauty contained within them has no expiration date. For this reason, our magazine seeks not only to publish new works of poetry and prose, but also literature from the past that continues to inspire artists working today.

Our mission is simple: to publish content that makes us feel something—works that confront our naked reality in all its beautiful complexity. We don’t claim to be an authority figure, nor do we wish to be. Instead, we are a magazine that seeks to discover and reintroduce writing that breaks the mold of the mundane and reaches for something greater.

Aaron Bennett – Editor-in-Chief